Different Types of Funeral Planning Services

Funeral planning is something that many people do as a part of end-of-life preparations. The funeral arrangements go hand in hand with retirement financial planning and life insurance planning. The misconception is that package options that include the service and the casket are the only options available. Here are different types of planning services that funeral homes offer that you should consider if you are in the pre-planning stages.

Woodland Funeral Services

When you think of funeral planning, you likely think of funeral homes that handle traditional or cremation services. The truth is, if you want a green service then you need to have funeral homes that offer green or woodland services. Keep in mind, a green service does require different steps and sometimes falls under different laws than a traditional funeral service. You need to plan for a quick burial in most cases since there is no embalming with green services. You also need to make sure that you have biodegradable casket options and that you are using a burial site that allows for woodland burial. These plans require a knowledgeable funeral director with experience in woodland or green options.

Secular Funerals

One of the more difficult parts of funeral planning is when you do not want to have anything religious in the service. Most services are based on a religious belief, and this can be difficult when you have non-religious or secular viewpoints. This means you need to have funeral planning services that offer a completely secular view on everything from the type of casket you will have to the words that are spoken during the memorial or graveside service. Many funeral homes are now offering secular services and plan to help fit these needs.

Denominational Funerals

There are certain religious views that require specific burial needs to be met. For example, Jewish funerals generally must be done quickly and without cremation or embalming. There are also specific steps that need to be taken for Orthodox services, and for the different Jewish denominations. The same is true for Islamic funerals, pagan funerals, and other specific religious paths and denominations. This means having funeral homes in mind that cater to your specific religion and denomination in order to obtain the proper planning that meets your spiritual needs.

Everyone is different when it comes to their funeral planning desires. If you find that the services funeral homes offer do not list your needs, consider contacting them directly. Funeral directors can schedule a consultation to discuss the options you want and to determine a way to help you with those options. They can also answer questions about current services and work with your needs and your budget.

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