4 reasons why you should plan for funeral services in advance

The thought of a loved one passing away, and planning for their future funeral, may seem strange and out of the norm. Besides, why would anyone want to think of the worst rather than living in the present and hoping for the best?

The reality is that planning for a funeral at the last minute can exert an emotional toll. A lot goes into honouring your loved one and giving them a deserved send off. Therefore, planning all these details after someone passes away can be truly hectic. This is why pre-planning for a funeral is a worthwhile decision to make.

With proper planning in advance, you'll be able to benefit in the following ways.

1. Avoid the last minute rush

Giving your loved one the perfect send off is an emotional and time-consuming affair. To get all the details right, you need enough time to plan all the small parts that come together to create a memorable occasion. Unfortunately, many people wait until their loved one actually passes away before they can begin planning.

The last minute rush associated with a funeral can cause intense stress and anxiety. Even with friends and family by your side, planning with limited time can cause you to overlook important details that matter the most. Pre-planning for a funeral can help you avoid this last minute rush. Because pre-planning a funeral involves starting early (even before a loved one has passed away), you and your family will have time to iron out all the details and to prepare a memorable send off.

2. Secure current rates even for a future date

Another benefit of pre-planning for a funeral is that you can lock in current rates for a future funeral. Funeral expenses rise steadily year after year, and you can shield yourself from a heavy financial toll by securing a competitive rate early on. Some funeral homes also assign you with a dedicated funeral planner who will work with you throughout every step of the funeral planning process.

3. Have more time to honour your loved ones

With a pre-planned funeral, you will have more time to honour and reflect about your loved one. Pre-planning ensures that most of the biggest tasks will have already been completed in advance. As a result, you'll have more time to reflect on the moment rather than rushing around to get last minute arrangements in order.

4. Have access to counselling services

Finally, a pre-planned funeral typically includes free (or competitively priced) counselling services. If you're going through a hard time in handling the grief of a loss, a professional from the funeral home can help you get through this trying time.  

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