3 Top Factors to Consider when Selecting a Statue for a Loved One's Grave

The loss of a loved one often comes with its fair share of emotions and stresses. Because coming to terms with such tragedy is difficult, emotions can get the best of you and cloud your judgment concerning the choice of a cemetery statue. As a critical part of giving your loved one a decent send-off, it is vital to make the right decisions concerning a cemetery monument. This article highlights essential factors to consider when selecting a statue for a loved one's grave. 


When selecting a statue, beauty is not the only factor to consider because weather plays an integral role in how the sculpture looks like over time. For instance, you could choose the statue of a beautiful angel; however, you might find the outer surface of the statue covered with an accumulated plaque after only a few months. Therefore, it is critical to choose the right material depending on the weather conditions in the area. For example, in damp and highly humid areas, lichens are most likely to grow on the stone statues. The best statue material for such weather is bronze. On the other hand, limestone statues tend to melt over time in places that are hot throughout the year, so experts recommend marble statues. Ultimately, ensure that you choose a statue material that will remain unaffected by the weather over a long period of time. 

Cemetery Regulations

Before you choose the size, shape and color of a statue that will go on your loved one's grave, you first need to check with the local cemetery services. This is because different cemeteries have different rules and regulations regarding grave statues. Some cemeteries put a restriction on the size of statues that family members are allowed to erect. For instance, the cemetery services might reject life-sized angel statues but permit figures of doves or palms. Make sure you confirm that your choice of statue does not violate cemetery regulations in any way. 

Statue Maintenance

It is one thing to have a full statue of the Virgin Mary with real-life creases and curves, but it is another thing to maintain such a life-sized statue. In most cases, families hire graveyard maintenance services to keep the statues in good condition. However, the complexity of a figure determines the level of maintenance required. For example, it is easier to remove lichens on a statue that primarily has a flat surface, but challenging on one that has crevices. If you have the means to maintain an intricate sculpture then, by all means, invest in one. However, if you do not have the resources, then you are better off with a simple statue.    

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