Arranging a Graveside Funeral Service

In most cases, a funeral service precedes burial or cremation and is a separate function. This doesn't have to be the case when your loved one has opted for burial. The burial itself can be combined with a graveside funeral service in the open air. What are the benefits of a graveside funeral service?

Just the Same

In terms of its content, a graveside funeral service can be identical to an indoor service. Whether the service is conducted by a priest or a celebrant, the funeral can contain anything that is culturally or spiritually appropriate in line with your loved one's wishes. The service can (and indeed, should) be personalised to reflect the departed friend or family member you've all come together to farewell. Some people might find that an all-inclusive event that concludes with their loved one being committed to the earth can help with their grieving process, as they will witness the deceased installed in their final resting place.

Making the Arrangements

Even though the service will not be held at a funeral home, you will still need the assistance of a funeral director to arrange the day. What will you need help with?

  1. Will guests be sitting or standing? If you opt for a seated service, then clearly an adequate number of chairs will need to be provided and set up on the day. But even if guests are to stand for the service, a certain number of seats will need to be provided for elderly mourners and those with mobility issues.
  2. There will need to be an outdoor power supply (a generator) to permit the operation of a microphone for the celebrant or priest and those giving eulogies. This power source is also necessary when music is to be played during the service, and a speaker system should also be used.
  3. While you intend to have an outdoor service, you should also have a fallback option. Discuss the matter with your chosen funeral director, but you might need to have an indoor alternative for the service should the weather be uncooperative on the day you plan to hold the service.

After the Service

A graveside service doesn't need to alter any plans you might have for a post-service wake or gathering, which will likely need to be held at a secondary location since it's not always feasible for this to also occur at the graveside.

Farewelling a loved one in the open air can be a lovely way to commemorate their life and lay them to rest.

To learn more about your options, contact a funeral director.

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