Cemetery Monuments: Choosing a Lasting Tribute for Your Loved One

Choosing a cemetery monument can be difficult. How can a headstone sum up the importance of a person, how much you loved them, and how much they meant to you? Given the importance of the task at hand, there are a few crucial things you need to consider before making a final decision. 

Take Your Time

Although monuments are often installed at the time of burial, this isn't actually mandatory. If you need extra time to decide (possibly in consultation with other family members), then take some time so you can be sure that the headstone will offer the most fitting tribute possible. While there is no set time frame for installing a headstone, you might not want to delay the decision for an extended period of time, since your loved one's final resting place might not feel complete until the monument has been installed.

The Cost of the Monument

Extra time can also be financially beneficial. This allows you to save so that you can perhaps afford a higher grade of material for the monument. A granite headstone is not always the most cost-effective option, but its strength and durability (largely due to its weather resistance) can make it a very good choice. It's also easy to maintain and clean, allowing it to remain in a pristine condition without too much effort.

Talk to the Cemetery

Once you've chosen a material, you need to consult the cemetery. There could be restrictions on the types of monuments that can be installed on their grounds, but this is generally limited to the size of the headstone. If you're just planning to add a traditional headstone instead of a large, ornate structure, there shouldn't be any applicable restrictions, but it's best to confirm this with the cemetery.

Choosing the Content for the Headstone

Choosing the right words for the monument can be difficult. The name of your loved one, along with their years of birth and death are a good starting point, along with a suitable epitaph. Ask the headstone provider whether they're able to offer hand-carved lettering. This allows for far more flexibility in what will be etched onto the monument, which isn't always possible when a stencil is used. Ask the headstone provider for their advice about fonts too, since the final physical appearance of the text is important. 

A cemetery monument should be a lasting tribute at the final resting place of someone who was very important to you, which is why choosing the headstone is such an important decision.

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