Want a Lasting Tribute for a Loved One? Why Granite Headstones Are an Excellent Option

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is not easy. However, you still need to gather your strength to handle the process to the end. One of the things you need to address is the tribute. You need to select a lasting tribute, so the headstone material plays a huge role. There are many types of headstones in the market. If you are torn on the options, this article will show you why a granite headstone is an excellent idea. 

They Do Not Require Frequent Repairs

The last thing you want is a monument that requires frequent repairs. That would be financially draining, and of course, it keeps reminding you of your loss. With granite headstones, you do not have to worry about frequent repair work. They are strong enough to withstand extreme weather elements. But when a repair is indeed necessary, always ensure an expert does it. 

They Are Quite Easy to Maintain

Maintenance is another critical factor when selecting a headstone material for your loved one. Again, you do not want an option that requires frequent cleaning. As much as these pieces are in constant exposure to dirt and debris, which turns to mud streaks, you need a material that does not easily stain. In this case, granite takes the lead because it does not stain, and the surface is also easy to clean. Some clean water with soap is enough to restore it to its original state. 

They Are Unique and Easy to Work With

As much as granite is popularly used for most headstones, you will rarely see similar ones next to each other. Each is designed uniquely according to the style and taste you prefer. The flecks and streaks are different, as well as the colour. You can also choose to have some artwork included on the monument.

When it comes to engraving, etching, and curving, granite surfaces are easy to work with. That explains why artwork is common on granite headstones. You can also sandblast or laser-etch a personalised message on it.

They Are Durable

Who would not like a long-lasting headstone? Granite is known to be tough and rarely chips or cracks. Not only is it tough but also dense, making it resistant to harsh weather. Also, its water resistance makes it resilient to stains. You can also have the surface polished with a glossy sheen to add extra protection.

The advantages of granite go on and on. You can see the value you will get for your money from the benefits offered by granite headstones. So, give your loved one a befitting send-off by investing in a granite headstone. 

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