Unique Cremation Urns That Grieving Families Can Buy

Due to its massive advantages over traditional burial services, the popularity of cremation in Australia is not slowing down anytime soon. However, most family members do not look beyond the cremation process. Thus, they end up wondering about storing the cremation remains of their loved ones. While there is nothing wrong with traditional urns, you should think beyond the generic designs sold around funeral homes. Of course, standard jars are cost-effective, but if you are trying to give a loved one a worthy send-off, it is advisable to consider other options. This article highlights unique urn types.

Premium Urns

Today, service providers are leveraging the power of technology and design to create premium cremation urns. For instance, some service providers use 3D printing technology to create elegant and minimalist urns worthy of a loved one's ashes. Notably, the technologies have enabled service providers to produce cremation urns of different sizes. For instance, if the deceased was a child, you can purchase a small urn rather than a big model capable of holding the remains of an adult. The best part is that premium urns are hand-finished, giving them that all-important human touch.

Jewellery Urns

What are your options if you do not want to place the urn holding cremation remains of a loved one in the house? Notably, a traditional urn can feel restrictive for family members who live far away from each other since the remains stay in one location. Sadly, most people are unaware that there are alternatives to the traditional urn, and a cremation jewellery urn is an excellent example. As its name implies, a jewellery urn can either be a necklace or a ring with a minimalist container as the pendant. Family members can place a portion of a loved one's cremation remains in their jewellery urn. The urn is unique and increasing in popularity because each family member gets to take a part of a deceased loved one everywhere they go. Moreover, jewellery urns are excellent heirlooms for passing down from one generation to another.

Customised Urns

Customised cremation urns are another excellent alternative to generic pieces since they allow your imagination to run wild. For example, if a loved one was a sportsperson and loved football, you can work with a service provider to create an urn that looks like a football. Similarly, if they left a boat or yacht behind, you can design an urn as a replica of the vessel. Notably, the cost of a customised urn depends on the design, complexity and material you choose. However, it should not be a problem if the deceased had a pre-paid funeral plan before passing on.

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