A Guide on Planning Asian Funerals

Do you plan to organise an Asian funeral for your loved one? It is a sure way to respect their culture as you hold their funeral. This extract details the intricacies of planning and executing an Asian funeral.

An assumption made by most people is that all Asian funerals are similar. However, this is not the case. Different cultures have varying funeral rites. As such, you risk disrespecting the deceased's family if you make assumptions about their funeral rites. Therefore, conduct some due diligence to establish the following; 

  • Is the body cremated or buried? The deceased's cultural beliefs and personal preferences determine the type of funeral service.
  • Who can view the body? Some cultures have restrictions on body viewing. For instance, kids could be prohibited from viewing the body.
  • When should you hold the burial or cremation? Some cultures hold a direct funeral, meaning the body is buried a few hours after death. Other cultures bury the body after a few days to give family members adequate time to mourn.
  • Does the family conduct rites on the body before burial? It could be burning incense, holding prayers, or applying special oils. 

Once you establish the cultural rites, prepare the funeral program. Typically, this should be a consultative process since friends and family could have insights into the deceased's funeral wishes. For example, it could be they preferred to be buried in a specific area. Alternatively, they would want their ashes handed over to a particular family member. Besides, close friends and family know whom to invite to the funeral. 

Even planning is an essential aspect of any funeral. Remember, the family will host guests before, during, and after the funeral. Therefore, develop strategies to guarantee the comfort of these guests. For example, you could rent a marquee and chairs to ensure guests have a comfortable place to stay as they condole with the family. If you will hold a wake, conventional funeral service or memorial, ensure the guests have something to eat or drink. Usually, the best approach would be to hire a caterer since family members might not be in a position to prepare meals as they mourn or host guests. You will also need sufficient parking space and portaloos. 

Have you budgeted for the funeral? Prepare a budget as soon as you can. This way, you know how much money you need to execute the funeral. Close family members will help you raise sufficient funds to plan the funeral. Moreover, they will inform you if the deceased had a life insurance cover or funeral plan to cater to the funeral costs. 

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