Two factors people should consider when having grave monuments made

Here are two factors people must consider when they are ordering grave monuments.

Whether they might want to make modifications to the monument in the future

Anyone who needs a funeral home to create a monument for their loved one's grave should consider if they might want to make modifications to this structure in the future, as this will influence the initial design and dimensions of this structure. For example, because even relatively simple monuments can be expensive, a budget-conscious person might only be able to afford to have a somewhat plain one designed at the time of their loved one's passing. However, they might want to save up and have some more complex engravings or structural design elements added to the monument at a later date.

In this situation, the person might want to instruct the funeral home to design the monument in such a way that there is space on it for these future engravings or other design elements. For example, if they'd like to add an angel sculpture to the top of the monument in a year or two, the top of the monument might need to have a smooth and flat surface area, onto which this sculpture could be mounted. Likewise, if they want to add some intricate engravings to it in the future, they'll need to ensure there is some empty space for these engravings left somewhere on the monument.

The level of maintenance certain monument materials and designs might require

Anyone who will be having a funeral home create a monument should also consider the level of maintenance that specific monument materials and designs might require. If a person has a high-maintenance monument designed, that they will be too busy to take care of, this expensive structure's appearance could quickly deteriorate. For example, whilst lichen and algae can grow on any type of monument, the greenish stains they can leave behind are more noticeable on light-coloured ones like sandstone and white marble. As such, a person who won't be able to clean their monument too often might want to opt for a darker-coloured material, like black granite, on which this greenish discolouration would not be as visible.

Similarly, ordering a monument that has a lot of deeply engraved, intricate patterns on it or complex sculptures integrated into it might not be advisable for anyone who will only be able to do quick cleaning sessions when they visit the grave. The reason for this is that dirt can build up in these complex features' crevices, and removing this dirt can be a slow process that requires the use of small cleaning brushes and a lot of elbow grease. As such, someone who needs a low-maintenance monument might need to forgo these features and instead opt for simple design elements that have streamlined, clean shapes. These could still give the monument a beautiful and grand appearance but will be easier to clean.

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